Gewerbepark Wedenberg.

Information about the industrial site

Municipality gemeinde object (5) / kreis object (2)
State Lower Saxony
Category public
Availability medium term
Size 236000 m2
Price --
Designation   GI, GE
Developed yes
Built upon yes
Contaminated site unknown
Comments B-Plan-area
Suitable for port-related companies, wind power companies
Industry environment manufacturing industry
Infrastructure for large-scale electricity consumers no
Infrastructure for flows of material no
Railway connection yes
Suitability for heavy loads no
Broadband available yes


Transport connections

Street A27 - 0.00 km (Freeway)
B71 - 0.00 km
Port   Bremerhaven port - 7.00 km - Distance category 5-10 km
Train station   Bremerhaven port (freight depot) 5.00 km
Bremerhaven train station (freight depot, passenger train station) 10.00 km
Airport   Bremen Airport - 5.00 km

Contact person

Mr Thomas Lötsch
Kapitän-Alexander-Straße 1
27472 Cuxhaven

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