Aircraft and aerospace.

Hamburg: a key global metropolitan region.

The Hamburg metropolitan area holds third place worldwide as a location for civil aircraft construction, aircraft equipment and maintenance. The focal point of this innovative, powerful growth industry is the world’s largest manufacturer of civil aircraft, Airbus Deutschland GmbH, as well as the Lufthansa Technik AG and the Hamburg airport.

Aircraft construction makes heavy use of sea transport. One benefit of the location is its proximity to the river Elbe, which is intensively used by the aircraft industry for sea transport.

Key facilities for research and development in the air and space vehicle industries in the region include:

  • The CKF-Valley Stade e. V. expert network
  • The VTP Center of Excellence VTP (Vertical Tail Plane)
  • The ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research
  • The Hamburg Center of Aviation Training

The Hamburg Aviation Cluster form an influential network from the economic, business and political areas. It launches ccoperative initiatives and projects, for example in research and for securing skilled personnel in the long-term.

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